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Krista DeRosa LMT

Krista graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2010. Massage was a therapy that she was drawn to about 10 years before she attended school. In the mean time, she spent time learning about western herbs for medicinal use and spent time working in health food stores. After graduating from massage school, she decided to go on further in her education in the sciences. She has been taking additional classes preparing for an RN program which helped enhance her understanding of kinesiology, anatomy and physiology and pathology. All these classes have helped deepen her understanding of the body, nervous tissue and the correleation between the two especially in pathological illness that can manifest in the muscles. Her therapy sessions can vary from deep tissue to swedish with some stretching when needed. She likes to include the comfort pieces such as warm towels, stones, and essential oils. All providing therapeutic effects that help enhance the sessions. She is there by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please call the office or  cell to book or ask any questions.



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